On your mark, get set, prepare!

On your mark, get set, prepare!

Friends, it's getting real! We have signed the registration, the anticipation is rising and we realize that in 6 months we will be leaving Switzerland....

― by Tim / 11. February 2021

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Good transition for the children

We actively involve our children in the whole process, they are basically positive and looking forward to Moldova. Nevertheless, it will be a drastic experience. They do not yet understand the scope of it. We hope that it will be a good transition for them with a lot of joy and expectations for the new time – and that they will be able to cope well with the separations.

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That it “just works”

August is still a few months away – but there are still many tasks ahead. Pray for us that everything will work out and we won’t run into any unforeseen time-suckers.

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Next tenant found

Within a few days we found a nice family as a new tenant, who even took over our beloved garden.

First preparations

The new year also marks the start of concrete preparations for us. The obvious things are packing, breaking up the apartment and saying goodbye to friends. In addition, all furniture and items that we do not take, either store, sell, give away or dispose of. And many more small and big things:

  • Insurances, dispositions and wills
  • how and where we invest our savings so that we can access them in an emergency
  • Farewell parties and early birthday parties for the children
  • Prepare car
  • do I take my e-bike with me or not?
  • Better to pack my colored socks or the good pan after all?

A lot of it is administrative, some of it goes a little deeper. Never in our lives will everything we would like to take with us fit in our car. That’s why we’re constantly sorting out things we no longer need by August. For example, Christmas lights no longer go in the basement, but are sold and given away. Just like the children’s dollhouse. We know from previous moves how liberating such a declutter is. Nevertheless, I liked these things very much and there are many fond memories attached to them.

(Cough, cough: your band room needs a sofa, you have 7 kids and want a family bed, or do you want an Ikea bed with super-duper custom LED lighting and room to display Legos? I will make you a good price! 🙂 seriously, get in touch if you need anything 🙂

First goodbyes

Something very important that we also have to leave here is our cat Chipsy. She has been with us for 13 years and the kids really like her. Fortunately, Chipsy herself makes it a little easier for us. She has been cuddling up with our neighbor for quite some time and is already allowed to move in with her. So she found herself a new place to stay that she really likes. And still it’s strange to let the bibi go.

The whole thing sounds full of sadness now. But it’s not like that, we are really looking forward to our new task. In the last month we have been doing a lot of planning and preparing our website and flyers. In doing so, we intensively dealt with our wishes and goals. We talk to the children about the mission and what we might expect. It’s really good to know that things will soon really get going.

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