About Us

We are Silvia, Tim, Anna, Lara, Ruben and Elia
and moved to Moldova.


Silvia is going to build a day care center for children in the town of Vadul lui Voda with local workers from a free church. Many children from poorer backgrounds have too little food and are not looked after during the day. To fill this gap, we provide a healthy meal, help with chores and are simply there for them. For parents, we would like to create a place for exchange, offer practical help and advise them on questions about raising children.

Tim will teach our children, run the household, and pitch in where needed.

Why Moldova?

In the summer of 2019, we were looking for a summer assignment and landed
“by chance” at OM in Moldova. For two weeks we designed the children’s program in two villages as a team. This excited us and strengthened our desire – which had been dormant in us for some time – to do a long-term assignment.

We have taken the children and parents into our hearts and want to share our hope and love with them.

­čç▓­čçę Moldova

is located between Romania and Ukraine, just north of the Black Sea.
It is the poorest country in Europe with high unemployment.

This is how you are part of it

It is nice to know that we have you who are interested in our life and work in Moldova.

You have several ways to stay in touch with us.


You will receive a regular newsletter with photos and exciting stories.

No funds, no action

Since we will be paying our own wages starting in August, we rely on donations. You are welcome to support us on a monthly or one-time basis.

Say “Hello”

We’re glad to hear from you guys from time to time. You this a letter, a Whatsapp, a mail, a small package or prayer support.

And every summer you can do a hands-on outreach with us and OM Moldova.