Making a difference

We enjoy fresh air and love very much, but when it comes to shopping, hugs have not worked as a form of payment until now (yet).

We provide for our own wages. In order for us to support the families and children in Moldova, we rely on financial support from partners like you.

You probably want to know,
what your donation enables us to do*?
Here are a few examples:

200 USD

Living for a week

150 USD

Rent for one week

100 USD

Fill up car once

50 USD

Children’s clothes, toys
or learning materials for one month

30 USD

Day trip with the whole family

* Based on experience,
provided by OM Moldova.

For companies that support us we have a
for corporate partners.
At this point also a big thank you to all who already support us. You are the very best ­čĺŁ