Volunteering in Moria refugee camp (Lesvos)

Volunteering in Moria refugee camp (Lesvos)

The plan was to spend two weeks in Moldova. Due to Corona, this turned into two months in Greece, which reordered our priorities.

― by Familie Schoch / 30. August 2020

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Then not to Moldova

We had already contacted OM in early 2020 about a longer deployment. The plan was to go to Moldova again in the summer, this time so that everyone could get to know each other and we could talk together about a possible assignment.

Due to this small virus with big effects, Moldova closed the borders completely until autumn – an operation was thus impossible. A short time later we saw the call that they are desperate for helpers in Lesbos. A not-quite-serious “Hey honey, let’s go there” turned into a quick “can families come too?” – E-mail. And within a few weeks, five of us were on a plane to Greece.

What we experienced during this time, we have summarized in a Youtube series. Have fun watching.

* By the way, the cover picture is from the so-called “life jacket graveyard”. There the Greeks dispose of all the inflatable boats and life jackets collected on the beach. Google Street View

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