Camp week in a Moldavian village

Camp week in a Moldavian village

Anna (8 years old) helped out and tells you how she experienced the week.

― by Familie Schoch / 18. September 2022

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Note from Daddy: Our oldest daughter Anna wrote this text with me as part of her homeschooling. The content is from her, I have adjusted the sentences a bit. (In the original: I have… Then I have… Then I have… 😉

One week in the north of Moldova

In a schoolyard in the north of Moldova, together with a team of other OM staff, we did a children’s program for a week. The children were from 3 years old to teenagers. The village was small, had many small typical cottages. In the houses usually only one or two rooms are warm in winter. That’s where they eat and sleep in the winter. We lived in the attic of a church. As a family we had our own room, downstairs there was a dining room and a kitchen where we cooked dinner ourselves. And, of course, the small church room. I helped a lot, often with the preparation. For example, we prepared the crafts or games. At the end of the program there was always a meal, and I also helped out. In the beginning we had only a few children (note from Papi: 120), in the end there were 170. Because the kids kept telling their friends that we were doing a cool program.

The program

Every day we started with simple games, I liked that. After that we sang some songs, there was a puppet show and Bible verses. After that it was time for handicrafts, and I often helped there, too. And at the end we distributed fruits and sweets and something to drink. I helped with that, too. On one day, before the puppet show, there was melon that we distributed. Everyone had sticky fingers afterwards.

I liked the craft items because I like to craft myself. And the games, because I also like to play games. I enjoyed the food. I thought helping in general was great. I was happy to see the children playing. Also the guys, they often just had a ball. I also helped distribute playground equipment. And I just liked it because I liked it.

How was it for me?

I couldn’t talk to the kids, but I could tell by the corners of their mouths and the expressions on their faces that they were enjoying it. That someone really plays with them and has fun.

There was always a long line when handing out food, but that was normal and the kids didn’t push either. And I think that’s where they’ve learned, too, just wait it out quickly.

Because they usually do not get so many sweets, they were very happy. They also thanked us very much when we gave them the food. They were then also always super happy. A girl once cried hard because she didn’t get a lolly. Then Lara (my sister) went to the girl and gave her one and said “pentru tine” (for you). The girl was then quite happy.

Now it’s your turn!

Dad says I should do some more advertising: You can do these programs with us. Why don’t you come to Moldova next year and if you don’t want to, tell other friends to subscribe to this newsletter. If you do not want to come or do not have time.

The best thing is when you see the children, then you see that they are happy and having fun. And if you still want to support us in this way, you can also send money. Come here, people need you and us. I hope some of you will come, because then we can achieve more. And I can speak Swiss German with someone again.

Note from Papi: I really only told her to do some advertising, the content is completely hers. I would have put it a little more cautiously – but you heard Anna, come here, the people need you. 👍

We will send you info about a possible assignment next summer

A (very small) preview of silvia’s new work

At the end of August we handed over our work here in Boscana to the local church.
Silvia has taken on a new task in which she will be fully committed to families and children and for which she is currently traveling through half of Moldova and making contacts. This was our wish from the beginning, and we are happy that it has now worked out.
But what exactly that is, Silvia will introduce to you herself in the next newsletter.

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